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The ACP-EU Culture programme (2019-2021) - Towards a sustainable cultural industry

Gian Giuseppe Simeone • 3 May 2020

The ACP-EU Culture programme aims to boost the potential of the cultural and creative sector and to contribute to the social and economic development of the ACP countries.

Entitled "Towards a sustainable cultural industry", the programme aims at promoting entrepreneurship as well as cultural and technological innovation, especially among young people, at creating qualified jobs and increasing the income of artists and culture professionals and at improving the quality of ACP cultural productions.

It will support among others the access to international and regional markets, the mobility of artists and creators, the dissemination and promotion of ACP cultural goods and service, visual literacy, the creation and production of quality goods and services at a competitive cost supported by digital technologies and a better access to finance through innovative mechanisms.

This is the 4th programme supporting culture in the ACP countries, implemented by the Organisation of the ACP States and funded by the European Development Fund (EU).

With a budget of €40 million for the period 2019-2024, the programme foresees several actions and tools to support the cultural sector across the ACP countries, among which 3 calls for proposals in the fields of audiovisual coproduction, as well as in the cultural and creative industries.

More information on the ACP-EU Culture programme's website

Current funding opportunities within the ACP-EU Culture programme:

  • FONDS IMAGES DE LA FRANCOPHONIE (OIF): Call for projects (Documentaries/Series) - Application deadline 1-15 June 2020. Details and application modalities under this link.