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We wish you a Happy and Healthy Year 2021 !

Editeur 2 • 24 December 2020

Dear current and future CultureXchange users,

We are approaching the end of this strange year 2020. A year to be put in brackets in many respects, punctuated by periods of isolation due to the global Coronavirus crisis, instructions for social distancing, serious health problems for many of us, concerns for our loved ones and uncertainty about the future. And a dark period for the cultural and creative sectors, as the consequences of the health crisis are proving dramatic for all those who live for and through culture in the world.

And yet not all the signals are negative. The crisis has mobilised international, regional and national cultural organisations as rarely before. Innumerable consultations, surveys, reports, debates and exchanges at all levels have enabled to set up emergency measures to support cultural operators, but also to highlight the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of the sector, allowing - provided there is a real political will - to really strengthen it in the short and medium term. 

During this troubled period, the CultureXchange team has continued to develop and optimise the platform. A smoother registration procedure, the new homepage and various visual enhancements improve the user experience, while new features such as a searchable library and a webinar area provide a growing catalogue of reference material on culture and development. CultureXchange is also, and above all, a social network dedicated to culture, where creators and cultural professionals can connect, exchange information and build projects together.

Moreover, CultureXchange has also strived to relay in real time information, activities and events organised by the European institutions or by other international organisations, on culture for development in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries, but also in other partner countries of the European Union.

CultureXchange pursues its original vocation, to extend the community of professionals active in culture for development, which currently has more than 750 active users.

We invite you to join this community by registering, or completing your profile: the effectiveness of this platform depends on you and your interaction with your peers.

It is only together that we can create a better future, and with this vision we wish you a year 2021 under the labels of closeness, cooperation and mutual aid.