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Call for proposals - Pilot project for the safeguard and promotion of culture in the Outermost regions and the Overseas Countries and Territories

Editeur 2 • 1 October 2020

Located in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Caribbean basin, and South America, the "Outermost Regions" have a rich cultural heritage, deriving from their history - closely interconnected with continental Europe's – geography and contacts with many civilisations. The "Overseas Countries and Territories" (OCTs), which are not part of the European Union, also have a rich cultural heritage. A number of these OCTs are located in the neighbourhood of EU Outermost regions.

These regions' and countries' rich cultural diversity is, however, not very well known. Data show that outermost regions and OCTs have hardly benefitted from the opportunities offered by the various programmes in support to culture implemented by the EU.

In this context, the European Parliament has called for a pilot project applying a "specific approach" for the safeguard and promotion of culture in these regions and countries by establishing a pilot project for a dedicated financial mechanism.

The EU is seeking for one beneficiary organisation which will function as the secretariat for the implementation of the pilot project, and be responsible for launching calls for projects in order to grant financial support to artists, groups of artists and culture organisations and institutions in the OR and the OCTs and monitor the implementation of these projects.

Available budget: 1000.000 €

Deadline for applications: 16 November 2020

See attached document for more information