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EU-LAC Museums Project – 3rd Webinar: “The Role of Digital Technologies during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

CultureXchange_editor2 • 10 July 2020

“The Role of Digital Technologies during the COVID-19 Pandemic” – third and final webinar of the series “Community-based museums in times of crisis” – will be held on Friday 10 July 2020, 15.00 (UTC).

The participants in the third webinar are members of EU-LAC Museums research team and invited guests, from European, Latin American and Caribbean Museums, each with advanced expertise in community-based museums, technology and heritage sector. Speakers for the third webinar include: Julian Roa Trian (Colombia), Kaye Hall (Barbados), Alan Miller (Scotland), Catherine Cassidy (USA), Kate Keohane (Scotland), Claudio Gnessi (Italy), Mário Antas (Portugal), Marcelle Pereria (Brazil) and Jamie Allan Brown (Scotland).

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its catastrophic effect on museum and heritage communities, this is the third and last EU-LAC Museums webinar focusing on the topic of community-based museums in times of crisis. Since 2016, EU-LAC Museums has supported community-based museums in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean in partnership with the European and Latin America and Caribbean Regional Alliances of ICOM.

Friday 10 July 2020, Time:
09:00 (San José[CR]), 10:00 (Lima/Ciudad de México), 11:00 (Bridgetown/Santiago/New York), 12:00 (Rio de Janeiro),15:00 (UTC),16:00 (London/Lisboa), 17:00 (Paris/Madrid/Berlin), 18:00 (Moscow), 19:00 (Dubai), 20:30 (New Delhi), 23:00 (Beijing), 00:00 (Tokyo[11 July]) & 01:00 (Sydney [11 July])

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