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Gian Giuseppe Simeone • 7 May 2020
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A European Commission initiative of cultural breaking-out for youth from Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean bringing the EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVAL on-line, ready available to the students’ houses.

As the current Covid-19 crisis is keeping the majority of the world’s students out of school and universities and confined into their homes – often without alternatives to looking at screens without a precise menu - the European Union shall encourage youth from both Member States and partner countries to find creative ways in order to keep cultivating their inner self. Finding virtual windows to get access to diversified cultural content could allow them to take advantage of this difficult situation in order to foster a sense of global citizenship, solidarity and to develop an interest in opening-up towards the rest of society and discovering new worlds and cultures even from their own homes.

For that reason, a communication initiative named “Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours during COVID-19 time” has been started by the European Commission through the project “Support to EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVALS”, in collaboration with the Cineteca of Bologna and the LUX prize of the European Parliament.

The initiative wants to enable students and youth from Africa and Mediterranean to have free access - through the streaming platform - to a selected offer of high quality films from Europe. At the same time, European students and youth will have a chance to access films from the authors from Africa and the Mediterranean on the same platform. Hence, a digital window will be opened for young people, currently confined in their homes and without direct physical contacts with the “outer” world, to get to know and learn about different countries and civilizations, all through entertaining, informative and high quality content. This will also contribute to enhance mutual understanding of each other’s cultures and build solid basis to strengthen fertile inter-cultural dialogues.

The proposed initiative will be launched on 9thMay and will last 27 days (until 4th June) and will be nurtured and enriched by the project in support of the European Film Festival. The access to the streaming platform will be free of charge.  

Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours video

Brochures and programmes - see attached documents

The films can be accessed on the following address, from 9th May:

For audience from Africa and the Mediterranean:

For European audience: